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Yea um my acoustic cover to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s PONPONPON.

Credits to Osaimuraisan for the guitar off vocal:

Sayoko Acoustic Ver.
Nohi and Marikyun

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So I recorded my cover version of Sayoko (Nohi’s Guitar Arrangement) and played around with the mixing stuff and I came out mixing his cover with mine.

You can only hear both at once if you wear earphones.

Basically his japanese cover is on the left and my english cover is on the right.

Mixing and my vocals belong to me and everything else belongs to Nohi. OH, and english lyrics belong to AndoryuNii.

(I’m not sure why I can’t add album art to it, it was working fine earlier)

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Cover of 花は幻想の果てに (Hana wa Gensou no Hate ni) ; Touhou.

Singing a five minute song is breathtaking. Literally.

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Here’s a cover of Never Land (Valshe’s cover, that one). It’s like my favorite song and it’s great.

As requested, cover of Beyonce’s Ave Maria.

Ugh don’t pay attention to the start of the song, it was awk since I could barely hear the audio when I was recording.

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I made a cover of Wicked Games (the weeknd cover) as requested.

I know, I messed up towards the middle of the song. Woops.

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This is a cover of the song Kokoro.

I messed up at some parts but since I haven’t made anything recent, I just tried it out. I’m losing my voice too omg.

Cover of Rolling Girl (yep the very fast and high pitched version ugh) as requested by anon.

Ugh excuse the tripping over words and asldkjc it’s so high that I can’t reach some of the pitches ugh kill me now.

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Cover of Let’s Promise - Supercell. 

Woops, I can hear my family talking and laughing in the background. And also my stomach is rumbling I think, because I’m hungry.


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Cover of Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries from Adventure Time.

I absolutely adore this song, ugh.